This is an area that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries related to all physical activities especially sports and exercise and involves the rotation or deformation of joints or muscles. This is a multi disciplinary speciality and involves surgeons, general physicians trainers, sports coaches, physiotherapists and other personnel. The progress of this speciality has been fueled by sports itself with many of the techniques used in treatment coming from the sporting world.

Its objective is two fold – curative and rehabilitative and now increasingly preventive.Sports medicine isn’t only about sport injuries. It is also not just restricted to sportspersons. Injuries and conditions under this can happen to anyone. While more common among sports people it is now becoming a phenomenon among non sports people as lives and lifestyles get more active and hectic. The reality of the sports medicine is that as a science its still relatively knew.

But inadequate treatment or late treatment can lead to further complications hence the need to get it rectified quickly. With the latest surgical techniques operations have become quicker and easier to recuperate from. However that does Shoulder and upper limb – Injuries occur either through sports, or accidents or even regular day to day activity.