Our team of trained professionals in the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department emphasizes on the patient’s day-to-day functioning and enhancing their quality of life. Our goal is to design a unique programme for recovery, health and wellness that fits each patient’s needs.

Each therapist is a trained professional in neurology, orthopaedic, cardiopulmonary and critical care. We draw on the expertise of each professional, as needed, to treat people with different types of problems, ranging from sports injuries and low back pain to serious neurological injuries such as spinal cord injury or brain injury.

Patient education being such an important part of delivering medical and service excellence, our therapists incorporate patient education in the daily rehabilitation of patients.

As with education, the department is committed to excellence in research as we believe that clinical care must be proven effective through scientific study.

Goals of Rehabilitation

The goal of the rehabilitation team is to help patients achieve optimal recovery of function and movement, and enhance the overall quality of life through:

  • Promotion of fitness and healthcare
  • Prevention of disabilities
  • Identifying causes for dysfunction (like pain, muscle tightness)
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of dysfunctions
  • Maximizing independence in activities of daily living