Thanks so much for the wonderful care that you gave me while I was in the Saviour hospital. You made me feel so well looked after and your smile brightened days.As soon as I arrived back in the UK I went to my local hospital as you suggested. The doctors thought that I might need to have another screw added to the work that you did however they put me under again and did some stress test where the ankle held up really well. It turns out that my bones are naturally quite far apart so they did not carry out any further surgery.My trip to India may not have turned out the way that I planned but I did see so much in the four days that I had. In fact I can’t wait to come back maybe not on a cycling holiday though.

Chrissie Wilson

Saviour Hospital remains my prefered choice

For some time both I and my husband were considering which hospital to attend in India. We identified two possible hospitals, one in Delhi and Saviour Hospital. I preferred the hospital in Delhi for convenience, since my husband will be in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. But after visiting Saviour Hospital and having a chat on my case with amiable, intelligent and nice Consultant.

I am now quite grateful for the decision we took. All doctors proved to be an extremely competent and highly skilled professional who demonstrated sound clinical judgment and decision and involved both me and my husband in the management of my case.

Bhupen Gajjar

We are immensely impressed by the treatment given to us. Your hospital is a home away from home. Keep it up. Excellent service.

Bharat Raval

As per the slogan of Artemis, that you in safe hands, we experience the same thank you very much.

Prabhat Goel

We would like to commend the doctors and nursing staff for the amazing care and support that they extended to us during my delivery and stay. The nursing staffs have tremendous energy and respond to our every requirement and needs.

Shomona Rai

Really thanks to God to establish such a hospital in this world. Many many thanks to the nursing team and my salute those nurse, they are even better than mother and sister. You are really just like Goddess.

Susanta Kumar

We would like to extend our heart felt thanks to the team for giving priceless gift to our family – our babies. We are touched by the care given by all of you to our newborns.

Parul and Amit Garg

Exceptional care and Oncology team – the Nursing is world class, I am convinced that I am in ‘safe hands’. Very empathetic caring and pleasant clean ambience. Food and dieticians are also very good.

Suresh Jain

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