A Saviour Hospital aims to provide unparallel, quality medical service to the people of Ahmedabad. We have a full-fledged medical unit which is giving medical services round the clock. We have full time neuromedicine consultant who is available round the clock. We are providing specialist medical care to inpatient and outpatient with the help of medicine consultant investment has facilities:

  • Immediate care of stroke patients
  • Treatment of patients of Stroke & paralysis GBS, Parkinson disease, Cerebral palsy, Bells Palsy, Fasial Palsy, Traumatic Head injury, Spinal cord lesion.
  • Rehabilitation of stroke patients with skilled & trained physiotherapy unit.
  • CT scan is available round the clock
  • Highly equipped
  • We provide consultant service round the clock.

Scan is a nuclear medicine test that evaluates

  • The function of the liver in making and excreting bile
  • The drainage system (bile ducts) and gallbladder for possible blockage or malfunction

The Division of Nuclear Medicine at Children’s is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and child-friendly atmosphere with:

  • Specialized nuclear medicine physicians with expertise in interpreting hepatobiliary scans in children of all ages
  • Certified nuclear medicine technologists trained in nuclear medicine procedures, with years of experience in imaging children and teens
  • Child Life specialists to help families prior to and during exams
  • Equipment adapted for pediatric use, which means age-appropriate care for children
  • Protocols that keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievablewhile assuring high image quality

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